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The Legacy Challenge
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24th-Oct-2016 06:09 pm - Brains Legacy 7.4: Escape 2000
coh sims
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Last time on the Brains Legacy: Steffi Brains (gen 7 heir) her husband Cieran surprised me with a couple more twins, bringing their kid total to five. Steffi believes she knows exactly the best way to raise children (yep, one of those). Magic Voice and TV's Frank became teens and have the exact same LTW, which means an heir poll is in the near future.

 photo brains7-4.png
( Leave the Bronx )
coh sims
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Previously on the Brains Legacy: Steffi Brains, Perfect Mother and Don't Deny It or Else, and husband Cieran moved into a lovely new home where they proceeded to wear sweaters, eat chia pudding and follow a near-Quiverfull policy. Yikes. Will their kids TV's Frank, Magic Voice, and Steve Reeves rebel against this?

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( Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell )
coh sims
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Previously on the Brains Legacy: Steffi Brains married townie Cieran Solace and they went to the tropics for their honeymoon, where Steffi ruled the to-do list with an iron fist and Cieran had a miserable time.

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( The Incredible Melting Man )
coh sims
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Previously on the Brains Legacy: Four out of five Brains kids went to college and graduated. Steffi is still the heir. Cieran her future spouse made out with Flavia while Steffi was at class, but everything seems fine otherwise.

This episode: Season 7 gets underway, with the biggest wedding in the history of Circle Pines, a massive family reunion, and the return of Lord Arachnos!

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( Once Upon a Honeymoon )
19th-Sep-2016 10:58 am - The Scheiler Uglacy Round Robin: 1.1
self-sim facepull

A new legacy arrives! This one will be an uglacy plus a round robin between tigerannesims2, Meowcatmeowkitty, and myself. Prepare yourselves for bad spelling, extremely lazy typing, complete lack of editing, and stupidity the likes of which you've probably seen if you remember the Exchange or if you've ever browsed sites like fanfiction.net. D:

( Does the world really need this? )

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