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The Legacy Challenge
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Mimi - redhead

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Abigail Sanders
Hudson-Wells, Emerald City

Abigail could barely contain her excitement. She got to the office that morning at 6:00am - long before anyone else arrived. As hard as she tried to conceal it, she was looking forward to Roxane’s return. All she wanted was familiar routine once again - especially after putting up with Nathan and his bullshit for the last 3 months.

Sufficed to say he despised her just as much as she despised him.

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coh sims
For those who would like to catch up with previous generations, or view the rules, just follow this finely-crafted link.

The Service Sim Legacy is a round-robin legacy wherein each generation must marry in a different service sim. In the last generation, Phoenix O'Toole was the child of Postage Due Temblor and Duey O'Toole, the Chinese delivery guy. Phoenix has set off on her own to seek her fortune, not knowing where it will take her...

( Service Legacy Generation 3 )

...or you can jump right to the Heir Poll and check out those amazing features.

Naimo Blithe / Abigail Sanders
40726 Sherwood Avenue, Emerald City

It was almost midnight when she made her way back upstairs. For once, she was grateful her apartment building became a ghost town after 10pm - even on the weekends. Given the state she was in, she had no desire to strike up a conversation with any lingering neighbours.

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Mimi - redhead

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Roxane Lavenworth
Magnolia Springs Hospital, Ariama

Waiting rooms were her least favorite place. It wasn’t the room itself that bothered her, it was what it represented and the memories it held in store for her. The ever-present smell of ammonia stirred up memories of waking up in the hospital weeks earlier.

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24th-Apr-2016 12:02 am - The Magpie Uglacy - Generation 5.3!

Welp. This is the third and final Magpie update of this rotation. Will Greg become old before it's time? Will Ferrett's new baby threaten Hester as Heir? Will Chester become a member of Maikana's (not exactly?) secret cult?

Find out here. :)
20th-Apr-2016 09:01 pm - The Magpie Uglacy - Generation 5.2!

The Magpies' quest for ugliness continues, as Ferrett has another baby. Greg goes on a vacation and learns some really troubling facts, and TigerAnne makes bad jokes.

Clicky here.
17th-Apr-2016 05:16 pm - The Magpie UGLACY - Generation 5.1!

The Magpies are back, as an Uglacy. :) There are other things that will change for them as well, during the course of the three updates that are coming.

You can read it at my journal, and the only content warning this time is for the clown painting. x) Oh, and a guy in a box.
coh sims
Previous Episodes

Last time on the Black Widow Story: A possible husband got eaten by the cowplant before Deb could sink her claws into him. Oldest child Charlotte moved out and married Jacob Normal, heir of the first Circle Pines female serial killer. Deb married Brashen, who then died a mysterious death by cowplant. Next child Aragog aged up and refused to get married, declaring he was running away to Nepal.

THIS WEEK: Deb is a horrible human being. But you all knew that, right?

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( Arachnophobia )
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