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Originally posted by malksaviary at [TS2] The Owens Legacy 1.2: Birth of a Witchling

It's that time again! Content warnings: miscarriages, sim nudity.
Witches, romantic drama, and more under the cut. CW: a miscarriageCollapse )
And with that (and creepy exterminator guy watching the birth), our episode ends! Tune in next time for baby spam and DRAMA.
25th-Jul-2016 01:39 pm - Looks like I forgot to post these.
The Starbloom Travecy is scheduled to return sometime in the near future. In the mean time, their antagonistic relatives have been up to their own shennannigans, which includes starting a Sinister CultTM.

Chapter 1 has been posted here previously.

The Mysterious Orphan Baby of the Secret Enigma.

The Difficult Customers.

The Merciless Betrayals of the Heart.
25th-Jul-2016 01:24 pm(no subject)

Remember Toadstool, Horace and Sprocket from the Edgarcy? They moved out on their own, after not having what it took to be heir. The Narrator has apparently been bored this summer, because she's come up with a couple of chapters detailing their eccentric lifestyle.

Since this is written by the Narrator, I can't guarantee there won't be anything offensive can guarantee that this will definitely be offensive.

Come over to the Apocalyptic Wasteland, to read about the cousins' misadventures.
22nd-Jul-2016 01:46 pm - The Matthews Legacy - 2.6

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13th-Jul-2016 06:46 pm - Brains Legacy 6.5: Zombie Nightmare
coh sims
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Previously on the Brains Legacy: The Black Widow's remaining underage kids all moved into the Brains household just as Gen 6 heir Erhardt was arrested for his accidental murder of three family members. IBSI-like events ensued.

( Brains 6.5: Zombie Nightmare )
Mimi - redhead

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Roxane Lavenworth
23586 Spring Haven Trail, Jacksonville

Going back to work and leaving her daughter at home was one of the hardest things Roxane had to do. They had spent every waking moment of the last twelve weeks with her, so leaving her behind that morning had been very emotional.

By no means was Tiffany the perfect baby. She certainly had her moments, once of which included her demand to be held. All the time. Whenever she took her in for her regular check-ups, she screamed bloody murder and wouldn’t let the doctors hold her. Between the feedings, diaper changes, burping’s, and everything else in between - she was in a perpetual state of exhaustion.

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11th-Jul-2016 10:33 am - The Matthews Legacy - 2.5

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